About Us

Kenyans Come Home was established in 2013 as a solution to the growing demand for top talent, as well as through the personal experiences of our founder, Farah Samanani. Farah is a Kenyan who had left home at the age of 15 to further her education in the UK, Canada and the US. After several years working in management consulting and leading the “big city life” in Boston, she decided to make the move back home for an exciting Director of Strategy role within the growing healthcare space in Kenya.

Making that move was the best decision she ever made. She has been able to use her global knowledge and experience to drive change, introduce new ideas, and become part of the thriving entrepreneurship scene in Nairobi. She’s started two companies, become a board member for the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Kenya, and been able to raise her kids around family and good friends.

The name Kenyans Come Home was based on a simple concept but one we can all relate to – the feeling of being home, of belonging. Our goal is to connect talented Kenyans with exciting opportunities to build their careers right here at home, as well as those who have experienced the dynamism and innovation in this market and are choosing to call it their home.

Our team shares her passion for connecting top talent to the right opportunities. The best part of our job is hearing a candidate say they’ve found what they were looking for, be it challenge, impact, balance, a great team, or the dream job they didn’t even know existed! In turn, we love following our clients and keeping up with their growth and achievements as they create impact and opportunity within the region. Hearing a client say that we helped them find the right people to drive that growth agenda is what Kenyans Come Home is all about. 

​Our Team

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    Farah Samanani

    Founder and CEO
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    Sehar Neky

    Head of Recruitment
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    Wambui Karugu

    Recruitment Consultant
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    Shama Shah

    Recruitment Consultant
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    Paula Rogo

    Communications Strategist
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    Rachael Muthama-Mathenge

    Finance Manager
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    Pauline Ndambuki

    Social Media Manager & Diaspora Lead
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    Rushina Shah


Our Advisors

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    Shakir Merali

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    Nikki Germany

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    Kaniaru Wacieni

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    Galeb Gulam

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    Freddy West