The Power of Communication


This week, we are recommending the book "Born A Crime" by Trevor Noah.

In this fantastic read, Noah reflects on growing up with a white father and black mother in post-apartheid South Africa. With each moment that he shares, you will not know if you want to laugh or cry. However, this book is relevant to our work at Kenyans Come Home because it reflects on the power of language and communication. 

“Language, even more than color, defines who we are as people,” Noah writes. “Maybe I didn't look like you, but if I spoke like you, I was you.”  

We often find our candidates lack strong verbal and written communication skills. It is by far the area that candidates require the most support from us, whether it is crafting their CV, completing assessments, or interviewing with clients. Invest the time and effort to make sure you (and your children) improve their communication skills above all else.  It will serve you well at every stage of your career.