How to Dress Up Your LinkedIn Profile


In today’s world, your resume is not the only passport to your next job / career opportunity. Consequently, the same care and curation you put into presenting yourself on paper should apply to other media that you participate in. Specific to your LinkedIn profile, below are 3 key factors you need to consider.

  1. Your Profile: Your professional and personal brands don’t always align, so make sure that your LinkedIn profile is reflecting who you are, what you do and how you do it. This includes:
    • Having a professional looking headshot
    • Having recommendations and endorsement of skills
    • Ensuring your profile is up-to-date with your professional and academic experiences and achievements. (For things that are common, avoid over-explanation for things. For those that are complex or unfamiliar to many, consider adding a link that will provide more information).
  1. Your Networking: Avoid the “spraying and praying” approach. Not everyone on LinkedIn is constantly looking to network or grow his / her connection base. Thus, save your invitations for people who; you have met, or talked with, or are likely to know you given your common connections. When you do connect with the appropriate people, consider adding a message. Messages can remind the person who you are and / or make the invitation feel less transactional.
  1. Your Postings: LinkedIn is synonymous to Facebook or Twitter. Leave the emotion for the latter two. Your posts should be consistent with your professional brand and should not lead potential employers to make harsh or emotional judgments about who you are before meeting you.