3 People Kenyan Employers Want You to Be…


3 People Kenyan Employers Want You to Be…

…All of them require you to be a good communicator.

1. The Problem-Solver:

When challenges or new tasks come up, you take initiative to come up with solutions instead of always asking for direction. To succeed, you: exhibit good listening and comprehension skills; leverage existing resources because you know who has which information / resources; and exercise analytical thinking and creativity to come up with plausible solutions.

2. The Team-Player:

You are a person who understands that neither you nor your colleagues can be successful alone. Consequently, you are a person who knows how to communicate with others to not only understand their interests, strengths and weaknesses; but also to ensure that your team has your best interests. Additionally, you know when to step-up and when to hold back given what you teams needs to be to succeed.

3. The Time-Keeper:

You might be wearing several hats and have competing timelines. However, you are comfortable because you know how to prioritize, plan, and, as importantly, concentrate on established tasks. You are also a strong communicator who knows to give updates and communicate what you can and can’t accomplish in a give timeline.

Are you all these people? If not, which one best describes you?