How to Prepare For Your Skype Interview


How to Prepare for Your Skype Interview:

At Kenyans Come Home, we help a lot of people recruiting from the diaspora. Some of our clients end up with virtual interviews. Here are 4 things that make these go smoothly (make sure you do a trial run).

  1. Your interview materials: Prepare what you want your interviewer to know
    • Ensure you have your resume, key points you want the interviewer to know, and your questions with you. I use post-it notes for my key points and questions. Keep all these materials close to avoid disengaging with the interviewer.
  1. Your equipment: You don’t want to be repeating, “Can you hear me?” or “Hello?”
    • Ensure that you have microphone headphones; they allow you to not only listen but to talk effectively. They also allow you to use your hands.
    • Ensure that you have working Internet connection.


  1. Your presentation: It is easy for non-verbal cues to be misinterpreted virtually
    • The first thing your interviewer will see is your Skype picture and username, make sure they are both professional.
    • Dress for an in-person interview. It will help you into formality and show your seriousness.
    • Look at the camera not the screen and keep eye contact
    • Always smile
    • Indicate that you are actively listening. Some ways to show this are e.g. to lean in when making a point or utter “yes” “mmhm” “aha” to acknowledge your comprehension and attentiveness
  1. Your setting: Don’t let you environment speak for you
    1. Find a quiet and uninterruptible place
    2. Have a neutral background. Look behind you to see what your interviewer would see.
    3. Ensure good lighting. You don’t want to look washed out.