You Got the Job...But Will You Like It?


So you have gone through a grueling job search process and now you have an offer(s) on the table. Beyond the role, the pay, the benefits, the location, and the esteem of your option(s), it is important to know if you will thrive and be happy or quickly start job searching again. One way to determine fit is to soul search and use your findings to ask the right questions.

Think about the times when you were highly productive and engaged at work.

  • Were you working alone or in a team?
  • Were you working on making people or a product successful?
  • Was it a passion project or a typical / “boss’-orders” assignment?
  • Did you get constant feedback?
  • Did you decide your hours? Were you working in the morning or evening?
  • Did you have autonomy?
  • Did you have your own office or were you in an open space?
  • Were you strategizing or executing?
  • Was your role structure or was it ever changing?
  • Did you exercise?
  • Did you have friends at work?
  • How many times did you make it home for dinner with the family or friends?

If are having trouble recalling the highs, you can also assess the factors that were at play at times when you underperformed.

Beyond soul searching, MyPlan.com offers a Career Assessment Test that helps you think through what you value at work. The test looks at your preference across 6 core work values. You will not only get a ranking on the values but also a suggestion of jobs you might look into.

Use this information to ask informed questions during your interview and when engaging with peers who work at the company.