Are You Unclear if You Are Ready to be a Leader


Sometimes the promotion does not come fast enough or we don’t feel that we have a good grasp if we are growing professionally. Below are proxies to gauge your leadership capability if you are not getting clear signals at work:

  1. Managers, beyond your own, know who you are
    • If you are a high performer, your manager is likely to share your accomplishments, which may open the doors for you to be tapped for bigger opportunities.
  2. You are connecting ideas across and beyond your assigned tasks
    • Leaders are strategists; big picture people. If you successfully execute and think through the implications of how your work affects other people and your company’s goals; then you’re working towards being a leader.
  3. You are a go-to person
    • If people come to you for professional advice and help, then you are someone your company / peers find knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy, and hardworking.
  4. You work well with uncertainty
    • Not being fazed by failure or uncertainty not only says that you are great at things that are certain, but that you are also persistent when things aren't. This is because you believe in yourself and understand what your company’s goals and mission.
  5. You can take on roles beyond your job description
    • Your manager will be hesitant to provide you with opportunities to take on more if he / she does not believe in you or if you do not exhibit the confidence, zeal and comfort of doing more successfully.
  6. You don’t panic at the thought of interacting with leadership
    • What would you do it you were alone in an elevator with a chatty executive? Do you embrace the opportunity? Going into leadership role means that there will face people with a lot of experience, knowledge and esteem. To fit into this reality, you have to be confident in presenting yourself and your fact-based ideas and opinions.
  7. You know when to push back…
    • We are taught to say “yes.” However, knowing when to push back can earn you respect, especially when it is paired with a good reason and a plausible alternative solution(s). Someone who is confident pushing back knows the value they bring to the table. This person also knows that his / her manager(s) value and have a great deal of respect for him / her.