Do You Have Your Personal Finances in Order?


I will be the first to admit that learning about personal finance management did not happen until after I got my first job. Because of this, I found myself flailing to stay on top of my finances even though I had steady income coming in. Given that my friends and family members were in the same boat, I turned to the next best thing…the Internet. I can proudly say that I am comfortable with everything from credit to investing in the stock market. Here are some useful websites that helped me become proficient in personal finance management. And because you don’t need a certificate, the cost to learn is minimal.

  1. Coursera has a free personal financial management course that covers critical topics such as budgeting, mutual funds, and investing rules – debt vs equity.
  2. Udemy has a KES 2000 course on four pillars of personal finance that includes topics such as planning for retirement, monthly budgeting, reducing personal expenses, among other things.
  3.  Edx has an introductory course that allows you to be smarter decision-maker through suggested frameworks and tools to help you make sound professional and personal decisions. Edx works with top institutions to bring cheap user-friendly content.