Why You Should Pursue Professional Development


If you enjoy and are comfortable in your current job, the last thing you might be thinking about it investing in your professional development. Most of us tend to seek development when our professional circumstances are unsatisfying and / or uncertain. However, there are 3 reasons why you should be constantly thinking about how you can improve yourself professionally, even if you are currently comfortable.

  1. It can open you up to promotions and different roles. Investing in yourself professionally says, to your current or potential employer, that you are intellectually curious and passionate about increasing your value to the company. Taking on development and completing it successfully creates more trust in you as a contributor and opens up more opportunities.
  2. It can be a networking opportunity. Attending conferences, seminars, speaker sessions, and corporate events allows you to meet like-minded people. You are able to build a network with peers, potential employers, and potential mentors. Be sure to bring your resume and your business cards.

It can open you up to new interests. I have attended speaker sessions and corporate events that have exposed me to different skills and roles that can drive me forward in my current industry. Additionally, there were times where I was curious about a foreign skill that came with low stakes learning. For example, I am not a highly quantitative person, but last year I decided to learn R, which is a free statistical computing software. I fell in love with the coding and realized the value that it can bring to my analysis and now I leverage R for many of my data computing projects.