Work And Life…It Should NOT Be A Balance.


Most Kenyans with corporate jobs enjoy a 9-5 / 8-6pm workday. However, our work with start-up employers indicates that the groundwork and uncertainty in these environments means that your professional and personal time will not always be defined or “ideally” proportioned. This reality does not mean that you will have an unfulfilling life in an entrepreneurial or long-work day culture, especially if you STOP believing that:

  1. The less hours you work the happier you will be. Your work environment / culture, and what you are doing are more correlated with whether you like your work than the actual hours you expect to work. I am sure you know 9-5 people who complain about their jobs.
  2. Balance is attainable and thus the target. This would only be true if you could control for the unexpected. The constant changes in your life – whether the deadline that has been moved up or a loved one is sick – call for flexibility rather than definitiveness. The more you look for balance the more you will be frustrated. Take a day-by-day or week-by-week view rather than a high-level average view.
  3. Work should stay at work and the personal should not come to work. Instead of separation think about integration. Bring your best home self to work, and your best work self home. It could be that you are more productive and alert in the evening. It could be that you prefer working out at noon rather than before or after the workday. Understanding when you prefer to tackle different aspect of your life will allow you to be efficient and more fulfilled than expecting work and home to be oil and water.