How To Climb The Career Ladder At A Low Cost


Part of climbing the job ladder or being fulfilled professionally comes with investing in developing skills of interest to you and of value to the job market. Some companies do a good job at professional development; from webinars, to in-house coaching sessions, to certificate / tuition reimbursement. However, given that not all places are that idyllic, it is important to take initiative and self-invest. This investment does not need to be expensive to be effective. Below are some places to get a good, cost-effective, online education that you can pursue at your own pace.

  1. Chandoo.org offers excel tutoring for all level; beginner to advanced.
  2. Lynda.com offers different coaching on different skills including excel, UX design, animation, among other things.
  3. Mediabistro.com offers a range of digital-skill courses from becoming a social media expert, to becoming a better writer, to becoming a Public Relations (PR) pro.
  4. Mindtools.com – If you are looking for different career development skills like management, leadership, time management, conflict resolution, or even communication, among others, this site provides not only a measurement of your proficiency on these skills but also tools to improve.
  5. Workitdaily.com offers free videos on how to have a successful career with everything from how to make your boss like your to ways to earn respect in office meetings.
  6. Code Academy – If you have been paying attention to industry trends, the tech scene has been booming in Kenya and there is a high demand for coders. This site will not make you an advanced coder, but it can be a good start to determine if you want to purse a career around these skills, or even to do some light coding at work.