Happiness At Work


Are you Happy with your job? That's a question that can be defined in many ways. Is it being liked by your fellow peers? Is it the feeling of being content when a project is done successfully? Is it being congratulated by your boss frequently on a job well done? These questions are some of which people fail to seek answers for.

So let's begin with a definition of "happiness" in the workplace . According to Dr Christine Carter, senior fellow at the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, happiness actually involves the ability to access “a wide range of positive emotions, including hope, optimism, confidence, gratitude, inspiration and awe.” Finding these emotions and interpreting them in our daily working lives helps to bring a sense of balance and allows us to take on the stresses of work and cope effectively.

Being happier at work is tied to better health and well-being, more creative and effective problem-solving, increased productivity and better interpersonal skills. Benefits are seen through quality of work as well as improvements every day, whether it’s with colleagues or tasks at hand. Could you be happier at work? Take this happiness quiz or check out these 5 simple ways to being happy at work  and discover the happy changes you can make! Remember, only we can make our lives better and decide how to be happy no matter where we are.