Director of Sales and Marketing

Director of Sales and Marketing

Client:  African Management Initiative

Sector: Education

Requirement: Director of Sales & Marketing

The Client AMI is a social enterprise pioneering a scalable approach to workplace learning in Africa. They deliver blended learning journeys, combining a web & mobile app, in-person workshops and on-the-job practice to help businesses develop productive and motivated workforces, entrepreneurs build thriving enterprises, and job seekers advance their careers.  

The Challenge After having established a strong customer base and trained over 60,000 managers across 25 African countries, AMI have proven the effectiveness of their practice-based learning approach. As they look to scale up now, AMI required a passionate, well-networked and driven Director of Sales & Marketing.  

The Results Through our extensive networks, KCH quickly connected AMI to Imran. A Kenyan who Came Home, Imran worked in the US for 10 years before making the decision to move back. With a background in education, business development, and program management, Imran was also an entrepreneur who set up his own company in Kenya, assisting students through the application and interview processes for international universities. He then helped establish the success of the Young African Leaders Initiative through Deloitte. Imran was looking to take on a more challenging role, where he could help build and establish something great within the education space he was so passionate about. AMI was the perfect place to do this.   ​